December 20, 2009

My book came out almost four years ago, yet it still has legs. I check my sales rank, which fluctuates like the tides and still occasionally jumps up depending on the season. (Now is a particularly fertile time for sales, as lots of people get engaged between Thanksgiving and New Year's.)

Recently, I was contacted by the editor of, who put up a link to my book and invited me to check out his site. It's a very comprehensive and well-designed site for grooms, filled with the kind of straightforward advice that I had a hard time finding when I was engaged. My favorite bit is the groom's speech template, which is perfect for any groom who's nervous about public speaking.

Even better, it's edited in the UK and his link sends you to As a bit of an Anglophile, I'm grateful for anything that increases sales across the Atlantic. BBC, I'm available for interviews at anytime!

In a bit of what one might call burying the lede, I am planning to start updating this site a bit more. I'll hopefully start soon, but in the meantime, I'm looking for someone who could redesign the blog so that it's appearance is a tad more 2010 and a tad less 2003. However, I'm also hoping to pay such a person a 2003-level price. If you know anyone, please drop me an email. My first name at planetgordon dot com.

Posted by Doug at 03:08 PM