Comments: Amend This

My brother and his boyfriend are close friends with a lesbian couple. They're all thinking that the boys involved could marry the girls, since you know, they're the 'opposite' sex, thus they could all be legally married and enjoy insurance benefits and the tax status of being 'married' and being 'sacred' and all that.

What is the problem with gay marriage, exactly? Is it that some homosexual couples want to commit to each other? How about straight people of the same gender wanting to marry each other? or mayby gay people of opposite sexes? What about those who are born with organs of both sexes? or none at all? Is this about 'orientation' or about gender? What's the definition of 'orientation?' What do we do about Anne Heche?

My parents have been married and in dear sweet laughing love for nearly 50 years.

I'm about to get married for the first/last/only time in a few months.

Several thousand couples of the same gender have gotten married in San Francisco in the last few weeks. Anyone who can demonstrate to me, in a real, practical sense, how such marriages 'threaten' what my parents have, or what my brother has, or what I'm about to do, gets my vote for President.

Posted by Suli at February 29, 2004 10:43 PM