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Hi there Doug,
I have just stumbled across the fabulous Planet Gordon and would love for you to write a small humorous piece for our magazine in return for publicity of your blog and your upcoming book.
I am the editor of Bride to Be, Australia's biggest selling bridal magazine (there are 42 of them in Australia, if you can believe it!) and we are doing a Groom Special in our next issue (on sale Nov-Jan 05/06). For this I would love to get a kind of op ed. or column called A Groom With a View or something, which shares some of the experiences, emotions, pitfalls, great parts that a guy can expect to go through in the course of planning the wedding or the actual wedding day or even the experience of being married.
If so, we can talk details etc
Phone: +612 9925 2642 (work) or
+612 415 366 350 (cell phone)

Posted by amelia bloomfield at July 25, 2005 03:21 AM