Comments: QOTD: Ring-A-Ding

I still play with my ring (8 years on Wednesday). I certainly am used to it although I am thoroughly annoyed by the size of the ring. Sometimes I think it is going to fly right off my finger (like when I am swimming), but I have never gotten it resized. Honestly, I would rather not wear it.

Posted by jt at May 24, 2005 04:39 PM

I had to wear a wedding ring for a play, about four years before I got married. To make sure I didn't fiddle with it onstage, I took to wearing it full time for several weeks before the play--beginning on February 15, which led to some interesting speculations about what kind of Valentine's Day I'd had. But I digress.

When we had our rings fitted, I somehow ended up getting mine about a half size too big, and it felt like it was on the verge of falling off all the freaking time. After about three weeks of that, I went back to the jeweler's and had it resized. It's still loose on my finger, but I can't get it any smaller or it won't go over my knuckle.

Married seven months now, and I still play with it some. I'll either twirl it on my finger or ease it over my first knuckle without actually taking it all the way off, then put it back on.

Posted by David. (Macon GA) at May 25, 2005 12:59 PM

I am very much a non-jewelry-wearer, and it took me a while to get used to the ring. And even though I am now, over a year and a half later, at the point where it feels weird if I don't have it on, I still fiddle with it all the time.

Mine's a little loose (and has gotten a tiny bit looser since I've lost a bit of weight), but I don't know if I'd want it tighter, because then I'd start obsessing about making sure that I could get it off my finger.

Posted by Francis at June 1, 2005 12:58 PM