Comments: Enter the Matrix?

"By seeing our wedding as a privilege to plan and not a potential disaster to be avoided we'll probably save ourselves a lot of aggravation, time and money..."

Right on to that. My lovely bride Rose's mantra throughout the entire wedding planning process was "It's just a big party." It helped keep things in perspective.

Posted by Francis at November 11, 2003 12:13 AM

Love your blog! My co-worker (the Other L) introduced me to your site. My husband and I just had our wedding in October so we totally feel what you are going through... from the NY Times to the presents and Jessica Simpson's advice... all the best!

Posted by Sharmila at November 11, 2003 02:46 PM

I am a HUGE excel geek. I turn everything into a spreadsheet. I had a guest list, complete with weighted probabilities for attendence... all within about 5 hours of being proposed to. The wedding spreadsheet has grown with the planning- my married girlfriends think I'm nuts.

Posted by erin at November 12, 2003 02:43 PM

Great blog you've got here! I found the link on I am going to forward your link to my FH.

I also created a database for our wedding using Mac OSX filemaker pro that comes with a database format for parties. It works dandy for weddings, including check boxes for "invites sent," "will attend," "maybe attend," etc. There is even a pre-made attendee list layout that shows yes, nos and maybes in colums with totals and a place to write in the date you sent your thank you card.

Posted by laura at December 7, 2003 01:30 AM

I just proposed to my girlfriend and it's extremely overwhelming trying to get all the thoughts organized for the wedding. If you have a blank template of your excel worksheet, do you think you could send it to me?

Good point about the wedding software. I think it's all reminiscent of Microsoft Project or Visio, with a Gantt chart and reminders when certain tasks need to be accomplished and who needs to do them. Do we want our wedding to be simply a project to work on?

Posted by Steve White at December 13, 2003 12:11 PM