May 25, 2006

All Together Now

I thought the interview on WNYC went well this morning, although not only did I manage to respond to Brian's "thank you" by saying "thank you," but I also said it in unison with Vicki Howard, the other guest.

Update: you can now listen to the show online. Follow the link above and scroll down to "Wedding Jitters."

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May 24, 2006

Sticker Shock

In the spirit of tomorrow's radio interview, here's an interesting report that was just emailed to me.

According to The Wedding Report, weddings in 2006 will cost an average of $26,800. A new Jeep Grand Cherokee costs slightly less.

That cost is up slightly from figures I had cited in previous industries, although it's still less from the $31,400 average cost expected by 2010. The lesson here is simple: a short engagement these days is a wise move.

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May 23, 2006

News flash: Busy People Have Less Time

This is outrageous. And on the front page of the New York Times no less. A U.S. Senator and her former-president husband don't see each other as much as "normal" married couples? Next you'll tell me Donald Trump doesn't change his new baby's diapers!

How Hillary Clinton's marriage and the amount of time she spends with her husband have anything to do with her qualifications for higher office is beyond me. Why doesn't the Times come straight out and say what it really means: Bill and Hillary are in a sexless marriage of convenience where he gets to play around with his bachelor buddies and she exerts an ice-cold focus on her presidential aspirations. So much for the so-called liberal media.

Even more amazing to me was the fact that interviews had been conducted with "some 50 people" for the article. If only that many people had been interviewed about WMDs.

I doubt we'll see similar stories analyzing the amount of time John McCain spends at home or the dates Rudy Giuliani goes on with Judith Nathan. Granted, neither of these men are married to former presidents of the United States, but the article reeked of sexism from the headline on. I'd write a letter to the editor, but I suspect the editorial page will be filled with reader's throughts on this useless piece.

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May 22, 2006

More Info on WNYC

This Thursday you can listen to me live on WNYC, the local NPR affilliate. On real radios you can tune to 93.9 FM or 820 AM. You can also listen online. I'll be on sometime after 10:40 in the morning. The show is also available as a podcast from iTunes, so if you miss it you can download it later for highlights.

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May 18, 2006

Duh Vinci Code

Not that I would jump to the defense of The Da Vinci Code and its literary and cinematic merits, but I found one tiny part of A.O. Scott's review in today's Times to be a good example of the old "people in glass houses" adage.

First, Scott offers this takedown Dan Brown's writing style:

To their credit the director and his screenwriter, Akiva Goldsman (who collaborated with Mr. Howard on "Cinderella Man" and "A Beautiful Mind"), have streamlined Mr. Brown's story and refrained from trying to capture his, um, prose style. "Almost inconceivably, the gun into which she was now staring was clutched in the pale hand of an enormous albino with long white hair." Such language note the exquisite "almost" and the fastidious tucking of the "which" after the preposition can live only on the page.

But note this error, caused by a misplaced s, undoubtedly ignored by Scott's fastidious use of his computer's spell check program:

To be fair, though, Mr. Goldsman conjures up some pretty ripe dialogue all on his own. "Your God does not forgive murderers," Audrey Tautou hisses to Paul Bettany (who play a less than enormous, short-haired albino). "He burns them!"

I'm sure he meant to write that Paul Bettany plays a less than enormous, short-haired albino, but then again I haven't seen the movie. Perhaps both Tautou and Bettany appear in the film as one albino, like a couple coming to a Halloween party dressed as a horse.

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May 17, 2006

Time Out New York

I have a very short piece in this week's Time Out New York. It's not weddding- or book-related and should be on newsstands tomorrow. Here's the link.

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May 12, 2006


Random thought after seeing four different people around Park Slope tonight wearing that green Ithaca is Gorges T shirt:

Considering the modern philosophy that if you can't say it on a T shirt you can't say it at all, I'm willing to bet that there are more people who own the T shirt than there are people who have actually been to Ithaca. (Cornell alumni notwithstanding.)


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Just found out that I'll be a guest on The Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC, New York City's local NPR station, on Thursday, May 25th. I'll be sharing the airwaves with Vicki Howard, author of Brides Inc.. More info to come.

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May 11, 2006

But Where Do They Stand on Puppies, Cupcakes, and Mothers?

Finally, the New York Times takes a strong stand in favor of spring.

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May 09, 2006

Six Things

Francis, another former Millionaire writer, gives us a newleywed installment of his cartoon series Six Things.


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May 02, 2006

American Cannibal

Run, don't walk, to the Tribeca Film Festival screenings of American Cannibal, which I saw last night. (In the East Village, not Tribeca, despite the geographically named festival.)

The film, which explores the depths to which people will go to achieve fame and fortune in the world of reality television, was brilliant. (And I'm not just saying that because I had the pleasure of working with one of the directors, Michael Nigro, when I was at Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.)

There are still two chances left to see the movie this week.

Also at the TFF is another movie with a Millionaire connection, Wordplay. Ellen Ripstein, a former researcher on the show, demonstrates her crossword-solving skills in the documentary. I might go on Thursday afternoon depending on my work schedule.

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