April 28, 2006

For Just One Click a Day...

Some websites donate a penny-per-click in the fight against breast cancer. Other more innocent ones ask you to get involved with an elementary school classroom's project.

This one has a less noble, but funnier goal. (At least than, you know, breast cancer.)

Based on the counter, the guy has gotten over four million hits. Does that mean his girlfriend will honor her offer twice?

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April 25, 2006

More on Blooks

BusinessWeek comes a little late to the discussion with a story on blooks. While it does discuss mainstream publishers and bestsellers such as Julie and Julia, it gives a lot of attention to self-published books.

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April 20, 2006

Don't Press Your Luck

I loved this story of Josephine Crawford, the 84-year-old woman who won $10 million at a slot machine in Atlantic City, especially this part of the story:

She still hadn't decided Wednesday whether to take the money in a 25-year annuity or in a lump-sum payment of more than $5.5 million, but she has 21 days to make that call.

Forget about a 25-year annuity. If I were 84 years old, I'd be more concerned with living long enough to "make that call."

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April 16, 2006

The Bean

L and I just returned home from Chicago, where we saw family and friends and took in the sights, including Millennium Park. See the complete set at Flickr. I also did a few radio interviews. One will be posted online, so as soon as I find it I'll link to it here.



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April 12, 2006

Tall Order

This is precisely why I've abandoned Starbucks for more independent java joints. Look for Starbucks to try to copyright the word "java" and all coffee-related words soon. Anyone named Joe should be afraid of losing all rights to his name.

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April 10, 2006


Some of you may recall my frustration with entitled parents. (I love kids and happen to know some damn good parents, but isn't it always the case that it's the bad experiences that leave the most searing impressions in our minds?)

Does having a child mean never having to say you're sorry? I'm not sure, but at the very least it just might mean changing your baby's diaper on the very spot where people will later sit and enjoy some coffee.

Couple that with the politically-correct water that runs through the pipes and directly into the homes of Park Slope, and you get the perfect storm of smugness, to paraphrase a recent South Park episode.

If you've read the Internets today, clearly by now you've heard the controversy that has erupted over one innocent posting to a Park Slope Parents listserv from a good Samaritan who found a hat. With a subject line that the poster had found a "boy's hat," the original post set off a PC firestorm of a kind usually known only to those who attend Park Slope Food Co-Op monthly meetings.*

Today on the real-world bulletin board of the mothership of Bugaboo'd babies and Park Slope parenthood--the Tea Lounge, of course--a response:


(Click image to enlarge.)

*Full disclosure: I was once a member of the PSFC, but my wife and I have no kids.

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My Kind of Town, Chicago Is

I'll be on the radio this week in the Chicago area. First stop is Gary O'Brien & Friends on WDWS AM (1400 AM) at 3:15 PM (Central Time) on Tuesday.

I'm also scheduled for interviews with two other programs, one on Nine FM (92.5, 92.7, or 99.9 FM depending on where you live) with Steve & Joey, and the other on a program called Viewpoints which is syndicated to 320 stations nationwide. Both will be recorded and broadcast later, so I'll update the post when I know the exact times.

Thanks for listening.

UPDATE: The interview with Steve & Joey will air on Wednesday, sometime during their morning show. No specific time, so you'll have to sit by your radio for at least three hours. Hope you have a comfy chair.

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April 09, 2006


I just found this review of last month's WYSIWYG Talent Show.

Next up was Doug Gordon who told a couple of quick stories about ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’, meeting Ted and Jane at a Braves game, and having Claudia Schiffer offer to buy him ice cream. He saved most of his time for a hilarious and cringe-inducing story of how he was partially responsible for gameshow/talkshow host John Davidson singing a love song to a pig in front of a bunch of angry Charlie Daniels fans. This was easily the high point of the evening.

It's not exactly the same as being reviewed by Ben Brantley or Roger Ebert, but I'll take it.

Also, Derek Hartley one of the other readers from that night (and who killed with his juicy tidbits of insider celebrity gossip) has a rundown of the show, although he lists me as "Dave Gordon," laying waste to the old adage that it doesn't matter what they write about you so long as your name is spelled correctly.

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April 06, 2006

Modern Bride Blurb

A B&W scan of the recent blurb in the current issue of Modern Bride:


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April 05, 2006

Subway Chronicles

The Subway Chronicles, a website which, um, chronicles life on New York City's subway system, picked up my short essay about walking over the Brooklyn Bridge to the sounds of George Gershwin during the December transit strike. They have a few strike-themed stories, so check it out.

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April 04, 2006

Times Wedding Videos - I Watch So You Don't Have To

You can download SNL digital shorts on iTunes and watch the latest Internet phenomenon on YouTube, so why not wedding videos?

Because they are excrutiatingly boring, that's why.

The New York Times is now offering their popular "Vows" columns in video form. It's the rehearsal dinner video you never wanted to see in the first place now available for you to view at the speed of your Internet connection.

There's a reason most printed profiles are kept to a bare minimum - age, occupation, profession, parents' info - on the pages of the Styles section. It's because filling in the blanks is more fun than being spoon fed every last bit of information about a couple. How did the couple meet? Where did they go on their first date? How did the groom propose? What was she wearing when he asked? Who the hell cares? It's much more entertaining to imagine how a 43-year-old corporate lawyer snagged a model-gorgeous PR flack than it is to actually hear about it and see people describe it.

Even worse is the fact that it looks like videos are listed on some parts of the site as they are posted, rather than simply being ghettoized to their own sections. Maybe it's a way to distract us from all the horrible stuff happening in the world, but based on this list of new videos, I would recommend more division between Vows and News.


Not exactly one for the wedding scrapbook, Ranit and Gabriel, is it?

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