May 01, 2008

National Media Struggles to Create New Puns on "Wright"

As the scandal over Reverend Jeremiah Wright continues, the national media is running out of puns on his last name. "We've already used 'Wright and Wrong' at least three times," said Countdown With Keith Olberman producer Jamie Dalton. "And we're more or less scraping the bottom of the barrel with 'All Wright,'" he continued. "I mean, does that even make any sense?" With "Left and Wright," and "Wright On" already reproduced on countless news tickers and on-screen graphics, the supply of Wright-based puns are at dangerously low levels. Editors and producers across the country are now considering creating puns based on the name Jeremiah, but so have only been able to come up with comparisons to a bullfrog.

Posted by Doug at May 1, 2008 12:01 PM