March 20, 2008

Peter Contacos: Small Business Owner, Idiot

After reading this story in today's Times, I went against my better, liberal judgment and thought, "Gee, maybe there should be a test given to people to see if they are smart enough to vote."

Peter Contacos, 42, the fourth generation of his family to own and operate Coney Island Lunch, a downtown Johnstown business that survived two floods and the loss of thousands of regular customers when Bethlehem Steel eliminated 15,000 jobs in the 1970s and ’80s, will not vote for Senator Barack Obama, “because his name is Barack Hussein Obama — case closed.” Mr. Contacos, an avid hunter who proudly displays pictures of himself with a magnificently maned lion he killed in Botswana, said he considered Mr. Obama “a terrorist.”

Fifteen thousand jobs lost in his town and he won't vote for a guy because of his name. Mr. Contacos, your name translates from Spanish to "With Tacos." I guess you must be an illegal immigrant, huh? But still, names matter, right? Maybe that's a reason not to vote for John McCain! His last name starts with "Mc" just like Timothy McVeigh, so he must be a terrorist, too. Case closed.

Posted by Doug at March 20, 2008 02:18 PM