April 10, 2006

My Kind of Town, Chicago Is

I'll be on the radio this week in the Chicago area. First stop is Gary O'Brien & Friends on WDWS AM (1400 AM) at 3:15 PM (Central Time) on Tuesday.

I'm also scheduled for interviews with two other programs, one on Nine FM (92.5, 92.7, or 99.9 FM depending on where you live) with Steve & Joey, and the other on a program called Viewpoints which is syndicated to 320 stations nationwide. Both will be recorded and broadcast later, so I'll update the post when I know the exact times.

Thanks for listening.

UPDATE: The interview with Steve & Joey will air on Wednesday, sometime during their morning show. No specific time, so you'll have to sit by your radio for at least three hours. Hope you have a comfy chair.

Posted by Doug at April 10, 2006 09:45 AM