April 04, 2006

Times Wedding Videos - I Watch So You Don't Have To

You can download SNL digital shorts on iTunes and watch the latest Internet phenomenon on YouTube, so why not wedding videos?

Because they are excrutiatingly boring, that's why.

The New York Times is now offering their popular "Vows" columns in video form. It's the rehearsal dinner video you never wanted to see in the first place now available for you to view at the speed of your Internet connection.

There's a reason most printed profiles are kept to a bare minimum - age, occupation, profession, parents' info - on the pages of the Styles section. It's because filling in the blanks is more fun than being spoon fed every last bit of information about a couple. How did the couple meet? Where did they go on their first date? How did the groom propose? What was she wearing when he asked? Who the hell cares? It's much more entertaining to imagine how a 43-year-old corporate lawyer snagged a model-gorgeous PR flack than it is to actually hear about it and see people describe it.

Even worse is the fact that it looks like videos are listed on some parts of the site as they are posted, rather than simply being ghettoized to their own sections. Maybe it's a way to distract us from all the horrible stuff happening in the world, but based on this list of new videos, I would recommend more division between Vows and News.


Not exactly one for the wedding scrapbook, Ranit and Gabriel, is it?

Posted by Doug at April 4, 2006 02:13 PM