March 30, 2006

The Costumer is Always Right?

Like anyone with a pulse and an Internet connection, I get a lot of spam. This one came from what seemed like a reliable address so I opened it. But do the geniuses who came up with this one really think this would pass for official PayPal communication?

Dear costumer, This email was sent to notify you that, your paypal account was not found updated when our last periodic paypal account review was conducted.

Paypal periodically review all is costumers accounts for maximum security. So we implore you to get your paypal account updated before the next periodic review , any of our customers that fails to meet up with the paypal updating standard, will have the paypal accounts placed under suspension from our database. We kindly apologies for any inconvenience this might have cost you. Your support is our strength.

Follow the link bellow to get your account updated in seconds..

All spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and bad punctuation are theirs. But my favorite is the seemingly correct and gratuitous, "Your support is our strength." Spam or cry for help?

Posted by Doug at March 30, 2006 09:37 PM