January 18, 2006

Counting My Thanks

You may recall my concern a little while ago that I might reply a radio or TV host's "thank you" at the end of an interview by saying "thank you" in return. So, how have I been doing? A report card.

Interview #1. Host: "Thanks." Me: "Good to talk to you." In my quest to avoid saying thank you in response to thank you, I'm off to a good start.

#2. Host: "Thanks." Me: "Thanks for having me on." It's not yet 8:30 and I'm slipping.

#3. Host: "Thanks for talking with us." Me: "Thanks for having me." This is not good, and is in fact just a long-form way of responding to gratitude with gratitude.

#4. Host: "Good luck with the book." Me: "Thanks." Perfectly acceptable in this case.

#5. Host: "Thanks." Me: "Thanks a lot." Ugh.

#6: Host: "Have a great day." Me: "Thank you." Off the hook on that one.

#7. Host: "Thank you." Me: "Thanks for having me on." Not good.

#8. Host: "Thank you." Me: "Thanks for having me on." I've learned nothing in the 15 minutes since the last interview.

#9. The host says, "Keep it real." I reply with "thanks," a perfectly acceptable response to someone's wish for things to be kept real.

#10. "Doug, good luck to you." I reply with the standard, "Thanks for having me on," although a little gratitude is fine in response to a wish of good luck.

Too many thanks in my opinion, but, um, thankfully the substance of the interviews went well. In one, a host asked me when I got married and when I told him that it was in August of 2004, he said I was still basically a newlywed. I responded, "Yeah, we still have that newlywed smell."

The best quote of the day came from one host who, moments before the interview began, put me on hold to read a commercial. "Give me a minute to sell some dog food and I'll get right to you."

Posted by Doug at January 18, 2006 02:50 PM

Too many thanks, perhaps, but maybe only in your opinion. It sounded good to me. Anyway, who listened to more than one? Other than family and friends, I mean, who may have gone from webcast to webcast... but who in Corpus Cristi was so wowed by the interview that they checked the schedule on PlanetGordon and flew ASAP to be in range of the next broadcast?

Posted by: FOG at January 18, 2006 06:46 PM