January 17, 2006

Quick Radio Schedule

No time for links to each of these places, but here's the quick rundown of radio interviews for Wednesday, January 18.

7:35 am
KYA AM, Philadelphia PA. This interview will be taped and perhaps broadcast shortly after and repeated during the day.

8:45 am
WOCM FM, Ocean City, MD. Live interview.

9:10 am
WXLO FM, Worcester, MA. Live interview. (I'm psyched about this one because I listen to this station when I'm home in Massachusetts.)

10:00 am
KMVR FM, Las Cruces, NM. Live on the Magic Morning Show.

11:00 am
WLW AM, Cincinatti, OH. Live with Midday with Mike McConnell. My notes say that I'll be on for 30 minutes! Perhaps it's a typo and it's only 3. Either way, I'm ready!

Posted by Doug at January 17, 2006 04:40 PM