January 16, 2006

Check Your Local Listings

The media blitz truly begins this week as I have a full schedule of radio interviews over the next few days.

Tuesday, January 17th (All times are EST)

7:35 am
USA Radio Network, 10 minute interview on Daybreak USA. (Nationally syndicated program)

8:20 am
WDUN AM, Gainesville, GA, 10 minute interview.

8:40 am
KUKA FM, Corpus Christie, TX, 10 minute interview.

9:20 am
WHAM AM, Rochester, NY, 10 minute interview. (This is a news/talk station and not, as you might think, a station that plays music by George Michael and Andrew Ridgely.)

9:50 am
Cable Radio Network, 10 minute interview. (Syndicated nationally.)

10:10 am
WDDD FM, Marion, IL, 10 minute interview with Wes and April in the Morning. (This is a taped interview and will air later...not sure exactly when.)

10:20 am
WGTD FM, Milwaukee, WI. (This interview was actually taped today and will air on the Public Radio-affiliated station during their morning show...not sure of the exact time.)

3:00 pm
KLIK AM, Jefferson City, MO, 10 minute taped interview to air sometime during the station's morning show...again, not sure exactly when, could be later in the week. (This station covers St. Louis as well.)

I have interviews scheduled for Wednesday in Philadelphia, PA; Providence, RI; Ocean City, MD; Worcester, MA; Las Cruces, NM; and Cincinnati, OH. Thursday you can hear me in Boston, MA; Jacksonville, FL; Colorado Springs, CO; Milwaukee, WI; and Camdenton, MO.

I'll post schedules for each of these days on the evenings before so you can tune in if you're curious. Most of these stations stream live on the Internet so you can listen no matter where you are.

Posted by Doug at January 16, 2006 02:03 PM