January 05, 2006


Here's a transcript of my chat yesterday on Boston.com. Read it and relive the Java applet excitement!

I'm actually a great typer - the result of a class I had to take my freshman year in high school using an actual typewritter - and that might have shown on the chat...had I been typing. Boston.com had a few technical problems hooking me up on my end - they were trying a new chat program and I was the guinea pig - that eventually I abandoned my computer altogether and had questions read to me over the phone. I then gave my answers, slowly, to Norm from Boston.com and he typed them in as my response. Norm was very nice and patient and we even had time between questions to chat a little bit about Boston, but unlike my book this is one time when I can say that all spelling errors are, in fact, someone else's.

One mistake was my own: telling someone that the standard formula for buying an engagement ring is six months' salary! Whoops. Under pressure, I blanked on the answer. I my book covers everything after the engagement, and the ring I gave L was my grandmother's, so perhaps I'm ignorant enough to not have that info easily accessible in my brain. But thanks to a chat participant, the info was quickly corrected. It's only one to two months' salary, of course, which at my salary equals about ten million dolllars in Monopoly money. I landed on my feet, though, and I hope you'll give me points for the recovery.

Thanks, though, to Norm and the guys at Boston.com for being so nice and for plugging my book on the site. I appreciate it.

Posted by Doug at January 5, 2006 08:37 AM