November 30, 2005

What's in the Daily News? I'll Tell You What's in the Daily News


Here's the link to the story in today's New York Daily News.

And here's my quote:

"Up to now, it's always been the bride's show," says writer Doug Gordon, whose guide, "The Engaged Groom," comes out next month. "The bride wears white and stands out from the crowd, but the groom's in a tux and looks like everyone else, including, in some cases, the waiters who are serving him."

Enjoy the article. I especially liked the story of one overly engaged groom, Lucas Pettinati.

Update 9:12 AM
I just picked up the print edition. Part of my quote is included in a circle in the middle of the article, the typical kind of "burst" that many papers do for features stories. Nice. I noticed one funny thing, although it might not be funny to the groom featured in the photograph at the top of the page and in the lead paragraph. The photo caption identifies him as Lance McGinness but the story text has him as Lance McGregor. It may be that Lance McGinness is such a modern man that he changed his name after he got married, but it's more likely that the photo editor simply made a mistake.

Posted by Doug at November 30, 2005 07:15 AM