November 11, 2005

I Report. You Decide.

For those of you wondering what I said at the end of my interview on Fox, I have some bad news for you. I said nothing.

This interview was done talking-head style, not across a desk or face-to-face with a host. The producer of the piece, a nice young woman named Melanie, asked me questions as I sat up on a chair above the newsroom and will edit my responses together for a larger piece on wedding planning. Since she was simply trying to get a variety of answers from me on a number of wedding-related topics, we jumped around a bit. After one final question and answer, Melanie looked at me and said, "Okay, we're done." I got down from the chair and thanked her for having me on, but my response was not part of the interview and will not be included in her final piece.

Initially I had been very nervous about the interview, my first for TV about the book. You all know that I had some concerns about what I would wear. I chose a grey Banana Republic sports coat over a blue button down shirt from Barneys. (Warehouse sale, people. Please. I'd shop at the real store if I could, but I like paying rent and being able to eat.)

Before the interview began, Melanie clipped a mic on my lapel and then asked me to count to ten. "Out loud?" I asked, thinking that she could tell how nervous I was and wanted me to count as a Zen-like way of calming myself for the interview. When a news producer sitting at a nearby desk chuckled, I realized my mistake. Of course she wanted me to count out loud. She needed to do a sound check.

But once the interview began, I wound up feeling very comfortable. Melanie fed me questions and I answered right back, staring at her the entire time. It's a tad strange, staring at one person for ten minutes straight as you talk to her, as it's not something one usually does in normal human interaction. But I did get used to it and resisted the urge to look at myself in the monitor; I've been told that stealing quick glimpses of yourself can make you seem shifty-eyed. I got off a few talking points and funny lines from the book and could tell by Melanie's facial expressions when I had said something that she knew she'd be able to use in her final piece. (Or she was just faking it to make me feel more comfortable. If so, all bets are off.)

All in all, I felt like I nailed the interview, as much as an on-air neophyte such as myself could nail something like this. The good news is that my publicist will soon have some tape to send to other news producers to show that, in fact, I can string two words together to seem reasonably articulate and engaging on camera.

No word yet on when the segment will air, but I'll let you know and perhaps post a clip on when one is available.

Posted by Doug at November 11, 2005 11:01 AM