November 28, 2005

Stag and Doom, Part Two

An update to my saga with Stag and Groom: The magazine folded in October.

Although there is probably a market out there for a magazine that caters to grooms, I always felt Stag and Groom's publishing schedule - nine issues in just over a year and a half - was way too ambitious. The biggest American bridal magazines publish a maximum of six times a year, but they are selling to an audience that is already conditioned to buying armloads of wedding magazines within days, or even hours, of an engagement. I've been told that some women who are not engaged or and even some who aren't even in a relationship at all subscribe to Modern Bride or Martha Stewart Weddings! It might have been more realistic to publish S&G four times a year, with one issue for each season.

Still, I don't know why Nick couldn't have told me the truth about what was going on at the magazine, but I do feel sorry for all of the nice people at the magazine who have to find new jobs.

Posted by Doug at November 28, 2005 09:42 PM