November 06, 2005


Less than two months before the book will be released and the publicity train is about to leave the station.

On Monday I'll be taping an interview with Fox. No word yet on exactly when it will run, but as soon as I find out I'll post the information here. My biggest concern is not so much what I'll say, but what I'll wear! I've been told not to wear white or stripes, as those won't play well on camera. All black is a no no, too. These are similar to the instructions that were given to audience members and contestants when I used to work at Who Wants to be a Millionaire, but I've never thought about how they might apply to me. My plan is to watch CNN, Fox, and the other news stations with the sound off for a few minutes, paying attention only to what the typical guest wears. (With the news so grim recently, this might be the best way to watch any news even when not concerned about fashion.)

Last week I was interviewed by a writer for the New York Daily News for a story on involved, or should I say "engaged," grooms. The story will probably run on a Thursday sometime in the next month or so. More interviews are happening in December, so these first two will be a nice test of how I'll play in front of a bigger audience. Dr. Phil, watch out.

Posted by Doug at November 6, 2005 03:40 PM