July 19, 2005

Blog Days of Summer

Sorry for the very light posting. Here in New York City, we're well beyond the dog days of summer. The temperature and humidity are taking us into conditions that can best be desribed as the wolf days of summer.

Now that the final manuscript is in to Harper Collins, I have more time to blog, but less on which to report. That's the way it always is, I guess; I once read - on another blog, of course - that you have to keep posting to keep people interested in your blog, but you're only supposed to post if you have something interesting to say.

I was courted by a cable TV network for an appearance on a fairly big show, but that fell through. I'm not disappointed as there are still about five or six months until my book's publication, which is plenty of time for other appearances. Considering that I have not yet met with HC's publicity and marketing department and have hardly spoken to my editor about PR, I'm feeling good about my chances of getting at least a little positive press when the book is released. Still, I'm starting to scan my mental Rolodex for contacts who might be able to help book me on shows as a "grooms expert." I did notice that the Today show has begun the search for couples for their annual on-air wedding, an L has high hopes that they'll soon turn to me for a different look at the planning process. Katie and Matt have been doing the contest for at least a few years now, so perhaps it's time to mix things up a bit by giving the guy a little more airtime.

So, what am I doing now that the book is in hurry-up-and-wait mode? I'm doing a little more work for The History Channel and their show Modern Marvels. You can watch an episode of mine at 9 PM Eastern tomorrow. Additional episodes on which I served as the Supervising Producer will air in August and September.

Posting will continue to be light for the next two weeks or so. I'll have some updates on the book's process - design, layout, etc. - soon. Thanks for reading.

Posted by Doug at July 19, 2005 04:17 PM

Hi there Doug,
I have just stumbled across the fabulous Planet Gordon and would love for you to write a small humorous piece for our magazine in return for publicity of your blog and your upcoming book.
I am the editor of Bride to Be, Australia's biggest selling bridal magazine (there are 42 of them in Australia, if you can believe it!) and we are doing a Groom Special in our next issue (on sale Nov-Jan 05/06). For this I would love to get a kind of op ed. or column called A Groom With a View or something, which shares some of the experiences, emotions, pitfalls, great parts that a guy can expect to go through in the course of planning the wedding or the actual wedding day or even the experience of being married.
If so, we can talk details etc
Phone: +612 9925 2642 (work) or
+612 415 366 350 (cell phone)

Posted by: amelia bloomfield at July 25, 2005 03:21 AM