April 28, 2005

Any Takers?

Check out this ad from Craigslist:

New TV show seeks married couples thinking of divorce

New Show hosted by a well known celebrity is seeking to help MARRIED couples who are seriously considering divorce. A huge plus if you're still living together. If you are the married couple who talks about divorce all the time but haven't taken that final step to hire an attorney.

If you are a couple who's on the verge of divorce but feel there may be some small chance to save the marriage, we would love to help you. Please call Ron asap at XXX-XXX-XXXX. also, please respond to this email with CONTACT INFORMATION, and write us the details of your current situation/telling us how the marriage fell apart.

Please include recent photo's in your email. We're looking for married couples in the 23 to 37 age range...

As much as I'd like to believe that they'll get few applicants for this show, the fact that people eat whale testicles for a few thousand bucks doesn't give me too much faith. But I'm still not sure what the purpose of this show will be. If you won't go to therapy but will go on a reality show, then your marriage is probably doomed anyway.

Posted by Doug at April 28, 2005 06:14 PM