April 05, 2005

Just Call Me Brooklynboy

Stealing a page from Veiled Conceit, I must point out something that caused me no small amount of confusion and amusement after reading this Sunday's "Vows" column.

Geeta Chopra wears a heart drawn with eyeliner on her cheek and answers her cellphone saying, "Citygirl," a surname she adopted in college.

I was curious about why she would have adopted something that sounds like an Instant Messaging handle as her surname. Thank god for Zach at VC, who unearthed this tidbit:

Her classmates, who had a tough time correctly pronouncing the name "Geeta", gave her a nickname "Citygirl." When she turned 18, she officially changed her name to Geeta Citygirl.

Huh? This reminded me of the old joke about the guy who grows up with the name Phil Lipschitz. After having such a hard time of it growing up and being teased throughout high school and hazed by his college buddies, he decides to change his name...to Robert Lipschitz.

Posted by Doug at April 5, 2005 01:57 PM