March 24, 2005

The Waiting Game

With all of the subway disruptions in New York lately, some people are using the delays to catch up on reading or listen to their iPods. But why not use all the time you're spending underground to imagine worst-case scenarios? No, not worst-case scenarios involving Armageddon or World War III. Worst-case scenarios involving your wedding.

The New York Times asks people how they cope with long waits on subway platforms, and talks to one marriage-minded woman.

"I'm planning my wedding," said Whitney Burrell, 30, a medical student who lives on the Upper East Side. "I think about everything that could go wrong. Every permutation that could go wrong. The photographer doesn't show up. The hairstylist doesn't show up."

When she snaps out of it, Ms. Burrell said, it isn't so bad to be standing on a subway platform. Anyway, it's a way to pass the time.

Let's just hope that when the big day comes, Whitney doesn't take the subway to her wedding.

Posted by Doug at March 24, 2005 10:09 AM