February 09, 2005

Wedding Stats

A reader - thanks, HPC - points me to MotherJones.com and a piece titled "For Richer or Poorer." It's a list of facts about money and weddings.

Some of the interesting tidbits:

The average guest spends $500 to attend a wedding—not including plane tickets.

The average American wedding costs $22,360 and has 168 guests, who give 100 gifts that cost an average of $85 each, meaning the net loss to the couple is $13,860.

61% of couples omit the word “obey” from their vows, but 83% of brides take their husband’s name.

My favorite observation in the piece is about J. Lo's wedding inflation. Each time she gets married the size of her rock goes up by about two carats. To the guy waiting at the front of the line waiting for Marc Anthony to step aside, be prepared to shell out for 10-carats of bling.

Posted by Doug at February 9, 2005 07:51 PM