December 01, 2004

Dancing in November?

In my post-Thanksgiving, carb induced haze, I've hardly had a chance to rant about this weekend's wedding announcements in the times. I'll leave the nitpicking to my counterpart at Veiled Conceit, although I'm surprised he didn't pick up this complaint to run with it earlier in the week.

We all know that there's a reason most high school reunions happen on the Saturday after Thanksgiving; most people go home for the holiday. So why, then, would one choose to have a wedding on Thanksgiving weekend?

Unless one is having a small family gathering - with the same group of people that would otherwise be seated around a dining room table - how inconsiderate do you have to be to hold your wedding on a secular holiday weekend celebrated by just about every red-blooded American?

Let's take my imaginary friend Josephus. Josephus, or Joe as I call him when we have imaginary conversations, was born and raised in New York City. His parents still live on the Upper West Side. His holiday travel involves a weekly unlimited MetroCard, the previous week's New Yorker and the cool, hard plastic of a subway seat. Major trackwork not withstanding, his trip home for the holiday takes all of twenty minutes.

Ah, but not this year! Eight weeks ago he got an invitation to a wedding in Tucson scheduled for Saturday, November 27th. He has some choices to make. He can travel Wednesday and find himself subject to the same delays and overcrowding as the millions of other Americans who travel the day before Thanksgiving. He can avoid the crowds by flying Thursday morning, but lord knows JetBlue's chicken sandwich is nowhere near as good as Mom's stuffing and cranberry sauce. Or he can wait until Friday, sacrificing a precious vacation day. And, oh yeah, even though he'll travel across the country, he still has to be back at his desk first thing Monday morning.

Josephus loves his friends and would feel bad to miss their wedding. But everyone knows that going to a wedding is a heck of a lot easier when all you have to miss is a night out with your friends back home and not a holiday weekend your family - and millions of other families - treasure each year.

To top it off, instead of dropping $2.00 on subway fare, Josephus is out the $400 it will take to get to Arizona during the busiest travel weekend of the year.

I'm sure lots of couples have those one or two people they don't want to invite but have to for political reasons - not me and L, of course, since we love everyone - but perhaps last weekend's newlyweds wanted small weddings without having to cross anyone off their invite lists. Solution? Have your wedding on Thanksgiving weekend and watch the reply cards come back with lots of regrets.

Thanksgiving wedding weekends. Pure evil or pure genius? Josephus and I will discuss.

Posted by Doug at December 1, 2004 03:11 PM

[quote]In my post-Thanksgiving, carb induced haze[/quote]

Does that mean you are normally a low carber Doug? I managed to make it through even Thanksgiving without the carb overload.

Posted by: Ellison at December 2, 2004 09:34 AM

Hi, came over from Veiled Conceit and just thought I should comment on this one.

I live in NY and am originally from Oklahoma. Since I moved here, two of my friends have been married in Oklahoma, one the day after Thanksgiving and one the Saturday before (not in the same year). If they had been married further away from Thanksgiving, I would have had to choose between flying home for Thanksgiving or flying home for the wedding, not having enough money or days off for both. So in my case, it was actually better.

Posted by: WLS at December 3, 2004 04:36 PM

But what about the people who aren't from OK? That's really my point. That Thanksgiving weekend weddings are great for the people who live in or are from the town where the wedding takes place, but suck for everyone else.

Posted by: D at December 5, 2004 09:51 AM

I don't agree with planning a wedding during a holiday weekend...especially on the Sunday of a "No Work on Monday"-type weekend (Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc).

Posted by: E from Michigan at December 8, 2004 09:46 AM