September 28, 2004

May-December in September

Gawker analyzed approximately 500 wedding announcements listed in the New York Times between June and August 2004 and came up with some interesting charts to show the average age differences of featured couples.

Here's the split for straight couples:


And here's the split for gay couples:


Regular readers of this site know that I'm somewhat obsessed with the Vows section, especially the ways in which, as Gawker points out, so many investment bankers wind up with teachers. (Barely edging out only the lawyer/marketing manager combo, in my unscientific analysis.)

Of course, I can criticize and make fun now that L and I safely have the laminated copies of our announcement that we're sending to our moms and my grandmother. ("It will never fade or yellow," said the nice man on the phone from the reprinting service who sold us three copies for about ninety bucks plus shipping.)

And speaking of the New York Times, I was quoted in the paper's City section on Sunday in an article on cell phones and the subway.

Posted by Doug at September 28, 2004 07:18 PM