September 09, 2004

Sunday, August 29th - The Big Day, Part 3.5

A number of people, at least those who know of this tradition, asked us what happened during the yichud. The yichud is a common tradition during Jewish weddings and occurs immediately after the wedding ceremony. Here's what Anita Diamant says in her book, The New Jewish Wedding, a book I've heartily recommended before:

[The] bride and groom traditionally spend ten or fifteen minutes alone in yichud - seclusion. Yichud is an echo of ancient days when a groom would bring the bride to his tent to consummate the marriage.

Because of it's origins in sex and a physical consummation of the marriage, I took to calling this tradition the "yeeeeee-chud," said in my best Yosemite Sam voice. However, in modern times the yichud is used more to allow the couple a few moments alone together, "keeping the emphasis where it is supposed to be in a Jewish wedding - on the joy of the bride and groom," according to Diamant.

So, what happened during our yichud? Not to get too mushy, but L and I did spend a few moments marvelling at what had just happened, saying "I love you" over and over again, and being amazed that over a year of planning and three years of being together had come to this point. Even if you aren't Jewish, I recommend taking a few minutes right after it all goes down just to spend a few moments alone with your new wife.

We practiced our dance (more on that later) and got ready to go out to greet everyone. But there was one last detail: L had to pee. So, rather than consummating our marriage in the ways of our ancestors, we shared a different kind of intimacy as I held L's dress up as she took care of business. Ah, the glamor of weddings!

She'll be so thrilled I'm sharing this with you.

Posted by The Groom at September 9, 2004 01:44 PM