September 09, 2004

Sunday, August 29th - The Big Day, Part 3


Here are some pictures from the processional.

Here's me waiting to enter the room with my parents:


Although I'm shorter than all of my groomsmen, somehow I got the height gene in my family.

Here's L entering with her mom and dad:


You can kind of tell through her veil that she's already a little weepy. Such tears would flow freely from all parties - me, my parents, L, her parents, our rabbis - throughout the ceremony.

Here's L's sister and brother-in-law, escorting L's niece, our flowergirl, down the aisle:


Despite having practiced with torn up pieces of newspaper and a basket at home for weeks prior to the wedding and telling everyone that it was her job to "show Aunt L where to go," a combination of exhaustion and stagefright worked against little A. She dropped one flower petal on the floor and didn't really want to do any more. Still, she looked cute.

While everything was going on, L and I held on to each other for dear life. I don't think we've ever had a firmer grip on each other's hands, but I think it helped us both stay focused on everything happening during the ceremony. Previously, many people had advised us to stay in the moment and pay attention to everything. Some of our friends warned us that it would be very easy to lose focus, to sort of be outside of ourselves, and more than one person told us that we wouldn't want to miss this.

Our two rabbis, J and P, along with our cantor, R, are good friends of L's from rabbinical school and were joined under the chuppah by D, a longtime friend of L's family and a singer-songwriter (who wrote a song just for us). Having such good friends perform the ceremony made for an incredibly powerful and emotional day. A note to my readers: if your best friends are rabbis, priests or other people qualified to do weddings, have them do yours.

I was told that the ceremony started at 12:15 to the second, only 15 minutes behind schedule, but not bad compared to others I've attended that started as much as a half-hour late. I think it lasted about 40 minutes, but to me it seemed to whiz by. Before I knew it, I stepped on the piece of glass to mark the end of the ceremony and L and I were on our way out the door.

Bonus: I can't believe I forgot to mention this. Yes, the entire ceremony was, as I've said, a cryfest. But little did I know who was crying. During the cocktail hour, someone came up to L and asked her how we knew the videographer. L said that she didn't, that she was simply the person her parents had hired to shoot everything. Well, aparently our ceremony must have been incredibly emotional because even the videographer had tears in her eyes! Not a dry eye in the house, literally.

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