July 30, 2004

Baggage. Not the Issues Kind, but the Actual Luggage Kind.

With many locations across the country and websites set up for wedding registries, it's no surprise that many brides and grooms register at a lot of the same stores. L and I have been no diffrerent than most couples in this regard, registering at Crate & Barrel, Williams-Sonoma and Bloomingdale's. At the end of the day plates, pots and towels are plates, pots and towels wherever one goes and setting up registries at stores equipped to handle such lists makes the most sense.

Except in the case of luggage. For some reason I got really stuck on luggage, something that L and I need yet didn't necessarily want to register for, at least not at a big department store. Typically, the luggage carried in Bloomingdale's, Macy's and some of the other big retailers is simply too damn expensive. To spend upwards of five hundred or one thousand dollars on a set of luggage that will spend most of its time in the trunk of a cab, in the underbelly of an airplane and in a hotel closet seems like a waste of money, so, being the sensible guy that I am, I told L we would forgo registering for such items at Bloomingdale's.

But, as with all things that I end up telling L we won't do, I ended up being the person who had to come up with a solution or replacement.

I suggested that we register for luggage at L.L. Bean. Doing it there made the most sense: their bags are inexpensive and subject to the same lifetime guarantee as are most L.L. Bean products. Plus, they are more appropriate for the travel L and I do, which leans more towards riding the rails through Europe or backpacking through Belize than it does towards taking the QE2 to Southampton.

There was only one problem with my plan: L.L. Bean does not do gift registries. When I called, I was told that they used to do them, but that it simply becaume too complicated and they phased out the plan. (I'm not sure I understood their reasoning, since hundreds of other stores have somehow figured out how to keep lists of gifts online and allow would-be giftgivers to buy them, but what can you expect from a store that still keeps a 24-hour-a-day store running in Freeport, Maine?)

In figuring out what to do, I found Felicite.com. The site allows one to register with any of dozens of partner stores and, in cases where stores don't handle their own registries, allows one to pick gifts from just about any online retailer and set up a list. As long as the store sells things online, you can set up a registry for their things through Felicite.com. As far as I can tell, the store does not charge giftgivers extra for their service, so buying something costs the same whether they do it at Felicite.com or directly from the retailer itself. (Felicite does allow people to register for cash and charges a 4.9% fee, a practice I think is stupid.)

So, I found our luggage and put it on our registry. We'll see if it works, but so far Felicite.com has my stamp of approval.

Posted by The Groom at July 30, 2004 09:14 AM

Luggage was the best gift we recieved!! Good tip on the registery site!

Posted by: E from Michigan at July 30, 2004 09:44 AM

I second luggage being a great gift! It was something we were able to use immediately (on our honeymoon) and the message the giver gave us was great. I don't remember just now exactly what it was, but it implied blessings on our many adventures-to-be. Sounds like the two of you are quite the travellers, too!

Posted by: Mrs. Trevor.net at July 30, 2004 11:24 AM