July 16, 2004

Busy Week, Random Thoughts

It's been a busy week in wedding town, and if my entries have seemed a bit random lately, it's probably because of every different thing L and I have been doing.

This list is a basic description of just one day this week:

- Early morning session with my personal trainer. (I've lost three pounds in one week!)
- Pick up tuxedo from tailors, try on tuxedo, notice that pants are too big, remember that fitting happened two weeks ago, schedule another fitting/alteration.
- Buy new white dress shirt. Forget to buy a second. Comfort myself with fact that at least I remembered to buy cufflinks.
- Buy tie at different store.

We've had a steady flow of gifts this past week, too, so this morning I made an early run to Goodwill to drop off some of our old dishes and kitchen supplies. I'm also working on the program for our ceremony - there is a lot of stuff to describe in a Jewish wedding - and we're working on the welcome letter and schedule that will be in every guest room. L is still figuring out how to do the place cards, and she's been on me to finish our submission to the New York Times. Given my previous rants about the Gray Lady's wedding pages, perhaps you'll understand why I've slacked off on this one. (In the off chance that anyone at the Times has even read this site, I'm wondering if I haven't ruined L's hopes of getting in there entirely.)

Here's where we stand going into the weekend:

- Only 44 days until the wedding. (I should really count down to the Friday before the wedding, since that's when a lot of people are getting to camp. So we actually only have 42 days until things get started.)
- Current weight: 157 lbs.
- Approximately 170 positive responses, with just over two weeks before the deadline.

Posted by The Groom at July 16, 2004 09:45 AM

i loved this post. as we are getting married on the same day you are it is so helpful to be able to "track" our progress with yours. i have lots of friends who are recently married or getting married, but it's not the same as being able to "compare" (in a completely non-competetive way) our progress. thanks for the random thoughts.

Posted by: jamie at July 16, 2004 10:01 AM

Friend came up with the greatest idea for our place cards: Hershey bars with our own wrapper. I measured the dimensions of the hershey bar wrapper and cut paper to that size then i created a word document with the names of the guests and their table assignments. where the nutritional information goes i put a thank you note to guest!!! a few glue stick later i was all set. it was easy and not too expensive AT ALL. and since we decided not to do favors, the candy bar acts as a little favor!

Posted by: S at July 16, 2004 04:31 PM