July 19, 2004

Don't Tempt Me


Now that L and I are in the home stretch of our get-in-shape plans - she's been doing a lot of Yoga, I've been spending a lot of time working out with Patrick - what should arrive at our door but a box filled with 200 Cow Tales which Goetze's candy generously donated to us for use in the gift boxes we're putting in all the guest rooms. I have fond memories of the candy during my own years at camp, when I would get them in care packages from my mom or run out during periods off as a counselor and a buy a few at the local general store.

I'm not one of those anti-carb crazies, but having those tempting candies in our apartment puts me at risk of ingesting 4000 grams of carbs between now and the wedding. Why, of why, didn't I have them sent directly to camp?

Posted by The Groom at July 19, 2004 04:30 PM

That's a grenade I'd be willing to fall on for you.

Seriously, I've never seen that candy in my life. What's it like?

Posted by: Francis at July 19, 2004 04:58 PM

It's like a bullseye - caramel with a cream center - but stretched into a long strip. Yum. Betcha can't eat just twenty.

Posted by: The Groom at July 19, 2004 05:26 PM