July 09, 2004

UPS With People

I'm quoted in Play New Haven magazine where I mention some of the same stuff I talked about in my post on single people and weddings. Enjoy.

L and I are heading back to the diamond district today to buy our wedding rings. Since what we want are just plain, solid bands picking rings will be an easy task. How romantic, right? Our first stop will be Norman Landsberg Jewelers where we had L's engagement ring sized and cleaned. Everyone we've spoken to there has been incredibly nice; it just goes to show you the difference between patronizing a family-owned business versus a corporate behemoth.

Now that the wedding can be counted down to in weeks and not months, gifts have started to trickle in, enough so that I'm becoming friendlier with Ken, our UPS guy. I've seen him three out of the last four days and with all of the boxes he's lugged up two flights of stairs for us (and our neighbors, who are also receiving their share of gifts), I'm thinking L and I will at the very least owe him a thank you note after the wedding. Guess who'll be the one to write it.

Posted by The Groom at July 9, 2004 08:53 AM