July 06, 2004

Let Us Eat Cake

The good folks at Tekserve will have my computer back to me in one week. Thankfully, it looks as if all my data will be recoverable as the hard drive doesn't seem to be the source of the problem. Until next Tuesday, I'm posting from an old laptop.

L and I finalized our cake choice on Saturday, but not until after a long drive to Milwaukee, a quick stop at the bakery and a long drive back to Chicago which gave the many grams of fat we ingested plenty of time to find a nice comfortable home in our bodies. Factoring in what I ate at the wedding we attended on Saturday night, I think I broke the record for most pieces of wedding cake eaten in a 12-hour period.

We settled on a three-tiered marble cake with a buttercream and raspberry filling. It was quite delicious and got the thumbs up from L's 3-year-old niece who no doubt crashed from some sort of sugar high later that afternoon after we left. It even met the approval of L's 1-year-old nephew. Thank goodness his parents taught him the sign language for the word more or we never would have known which cake he liked.

This is details week; time to finish up as much as possible before we get into the home stretch. L has a 2 o'clock conference call with her mother and the caterer. L's mom is going over changes with the florist. I'm scanning some photos for us to use in a slide show on Saturday night. I heard from a few friends today who are making their flight reservations. I picked up my tux this morning, although I have a feeling the last detail I'll have to take care of is having it altered after I work off all the cake from this weekend.

Posted by The Groom at July 6, 2004 01:24 PM