June 21, 2004

Gut of Steel

Despite what the salesperson at Syms said to me I'm not really that obsessed with losing weight. So what if I'm 10 pounds heavier than I was college? I'm also ten years older, right?

I do, however, want to get in better shape this summer and I tend to get myself to the gym more often when I see a big event looming on the horizon. I've done bike rides from New York to Boston, mini triathlons in Central Park, and road races in downtown Manhattan, but this summer the big event is the wedding and that's motivation enough.

For the past few months I've been seeing Patrick Panico, a personal trainer and former strength and conditioning coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks. We've been meeting once a week at Lift Gym, conveniently located only two blocks from Bloomingdale's. (I can lift and sweat a bit at the gym and then go add things to our registry.)

The thing about Patrick is that he gets it. He's a great guy with a broad knowledge of how the body works and a realistic sense of what works for different people. He understands that I'm not looking to become an Ironman; I only want to stand up straight, suck in my gut and look presentable at the wedding. To that end, Patrick designed a simple work-out plan that only takes about 30 - 40 minutes a day and keeps me motivated enough to come back for more.

So, in the spirit of Bridget Jones's Diary, I plan to post some information about my workout and my progress as the wedding approaches.

Wt: 161 lbs.
Workout: 45 minutes with Patrick. (Followed by Italian sausage with the works at a local street fair.)
Feeling today: stiff.

Posted by The Groom at June 21, 2004 09:37 AM