June 10, 2004

Solo Scanning

L is out of town on a solo vacation this week, and while some people might think it's odd that an engaged woman would go away for fun by herself, I happen to think it's pretty cool. She's an adventurous lady, that L.

I was on the Upper East Side yesterday and remembered that L and I still hadn't registered for pillows and a few bed linens. Right now we share an old full-sized bed that dates back to my first apartment in New York almost eight years ago. We plan to trade up after the wedding and will therefore need some new threads for the new bed.

I popped in to Bloomingdale's, figuring I could round out what L and I had started together months ago.

L and I have been to the department store's "Bridal Registry" office enough times that I can practically find it blindfolded. (Time to update that sign, Bloomie's.) I went to the 6th floor office and when made my presence known to a receptionist, she stared through me, wondering if I was hiding some beanpole-skinny woman behind me.

"Are you here alone?" she asked.

"Yes," I said, "Just need to add a few things to our registry."

"Oh," she said and took my name to look me up in the computer. As if to confirm what I thought she was thinking, she looked at me and said, "We don't usually get a lot of men in here by themselves."

I held back a laugh as I said, "You know, you'd be surprised how often I hear that."

Posted by The Groom at June 10, 2004 06:40 PM

I think that's very brave of you (and her)! Did L give instructions on what bedding she'd like? Or will she secretly re-register behind your back?

I had to drag my fiance kicking and screaming to register...

Posted by: E from Michigan at June 11, 2004 10:17 AM

Interdependence is the key to successful marriages!

Posted by: amanda at June 12, 2004 02:28 AM

Call my mom for a matress seeing as she works for a mattress company

Posted by: Lily at June 14, 2004 06:35 PM