June 08, 2004

Stamps of Approval


I have a book of American flag stamps which I bought after running out of Purple Heart flags I had used for a stack of bills and other mail. I'd like to tell you that I bought those patriotic stamps out of a sense of great pride in my country, but, alas, my purchase was made for a far less nobler reason. With an hour-plus wait to get to the counter at the tiny post office in my neighborhood, those are the only stamps available in the self-service machine.

In the normal world, L and I wouldn't give much thought to what kind of stamps we purchase, but, as with most things wedding, no decision is too small to warrant some amount of discussion and consideration.

L's mom called the other night and wanted to know what stamps we wanted for the invitations which are scheduled to go out soon. So we had to decide. After obsessing about the color, paper quality and font of the invitation, you can't just stick any old stamp on there, right?

Naturally, the first question was whether or not we wanted any of the post office's stamps that celebrate love. Too cheesy, L and I agreed. Yeah, we love each other and that love will be recognized by two officiating rabbis, and the states of Wisconsin and New York. Does the United States Postal Service also have to endorse our nuptuals?

We thought about something that reflected one of our interests and considered the American Filmmaking stamps, but then I realized that one out of every 10 invitations would be affixed with either a Frankenstein or E.T. stamp. That just seems kind of weird.

What about Hannukah stamps? Too Jewish and it's the wrong season anyway. Kwanzaa? Not appropriate. Lewis & Clark? Wisconsin wasn't a part of the Lousiana Purchase. Dr. Seuss? Maybe for a kid's birthday party, but not for a wedding.

Eventually, we decided on stamps with no special meaning that look cool but realize that these might not be available at every post office. We'll simply have to trust L's mom to make the decision. After all, she's the one who'll have to wait in line to buy them.

Posted by The Groom at June 8, 2004 10:04 AM

I have let my fiance make the stamp decisions. He chose the purple heart stamps for the reply cards...he said they had a heart (ergo appropriate for a wedding) and supported our arms services. I have no idea what he will choose for the actual invitations. I realized though that choosing the stamps is making him happy, and i have little preference anyway!

Posted by: S at June 8, 2004 12:30 PM

The postal service now offers a "wedding package" of stamps to help with this very issue. They are simple stamps adorned with a pink bouquet and come in $0.37 for the response envelopes and $0.60 for the invitations. Simple, easy, and they can be ordered online and delivered to your home. Most convenient. Worked for me.

Posted by: christina at June 8, 2004 12:40 PM

After having my mother ask me about stamps the other day and now reading your post, I decided to check out the USPS website. There is a link for upcoming stamps - 6/23/04 they are releasing a Disney Friends stamp...I am thinking of using this, our invitees are friends, and I have a 6 year old son so it would be a cute way to tie him in. I am sure that idea will get vetoed by my mother, but I thought it would be cute :)

Posted by: julie at June 9, 2004 08:32 AM

I chose the new "Wildflower" designs, mostly because they were wedding-ish, and because I'm sick of the LOVE block letters, and the candy hearts seemed too holiday-ish for July.

Your choices are great, though good luck finding them at any post office...you're better ordering them online.

Posted by: E from Michigan at June 9, 2004 08:50 AM

We used the 37 cent 'Year of the Monkey' stamp for our response cards because they look very cool, monkeys happen to be good luck, and my nickname is 'H-Monkey' so they were quite appropriate.

Our invitations cost 60 cents to mail and we hated the 60 cent stamps available as domestic postage so we went with a 60 cent international stamp. We chose one that was a photograph of Acadia National Park.

I had a blast choosing stamps but I feel quite sure that nobody who got an invitation even noticed them.

Posted by: Helen at June 9, 2004 09:28 AM

The US post office offers a 70 cent stamp of a Prairie. They are really nice and I used them for my wedding invites.

Posted by: Karen at June 9, 2004 09:57 AM

we ended up up with blue egret stamps due to poor planning - i thought they were kind of funny though!

Posted by: jamie at June 10, 2004 11:49 AM

We had a big "stamp discussion" over five years ago when we sent out a piddling 40 invites to the immediate family. To this day, choosing stamps has always been a bit of a touchy subject. HE always wants flags....icky boring!!! Funny, I can't even remember now what we used and it was such a BIG DEAL.

Posted by: Laura at June 10, 2004 06:21 PM