June 03, 2004

Quote, Unquote

There's a common saying about publicity that the press can say whatever they want about you so long as they spell your name right. Well, I can't say I'm too excited about being called a "girly groom" in today's New York Post but my name and the web address for this site are spelled correctly.

Actually, the article is funny, although I think I was misquoted. Seeing as how I'm getting married in a Jewish ceremony to a rabbi by rabbis, I doubt I said that L "doesn't want to stare at my blackheads at the altar." Chuppah, maybe. But altar? Definitely not.

I should mention that I was photographed getting the full service treatment at John Allan's, although none of the pictures showed up in the article. The salon is mentioned in the story and was very accommodating, hooking me up because of the good PR. Thanks to the staff there for treating me so well. I can't recommend John Allan's enough.

Posted by The Groom at June 3, 2004 10:24 AM

J get's misquoted all of the time. They usually get the gist of what she said, but it sometimes comes out funny. Journalists!
I would say the article should have played more on your metrosexual tendency, than making a gender issue out of it, but then again, it is the post.
We are quite amazed at all of your publicity.

Posted by: jt at June 3, 2004 03:55 PM