March 05, 2004

Sin City, Here We Come

This time next week I'll either be counting my winnings at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino or drowning my sorrows in Romulan Ale at the Star Trek Experience after losing big on black at the Luxor.


Yep, I'm heading to Las Vegas on Thursday with my friends for an early bachelor party. Busy schedules this spring and Inferno-level temperatures during the summer made a trip closer to the actual wedding an impossibility, so the guys decided to head out there nearly six months before the big day to celebrate.

After speaking about it with L, I told the guys who are coming to Vegas - many of whom are also my groomsmen - that they should not also get us a wedding present. Honestly, do I need bath towels and a gravy boat from my college buddies? Isn't a weekend of memories and time together - so rare in these post-college years - more significant? Participating in a wedding and all its side activities is a big commitment of time and money and I'm grateful for my friends' involvement.

In the meantime, my friends will spend this weekend practicing their Blackjack skills so they don't lose all that money they're saving by not buying us a gift.

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Posted by The Groom at March 5, 2004 12:22 PM

See you there, we are going to a family bat mitvah. Don't worry we will be very busy with the family. Or, if you want to meet we will be at the Don't Ask bar.

Posted by: Dahlia & Yossi at March 5, 2004 11:45 PM

Don't watch the movie "Very Bad Things" before you go...unless you've already seen it. In that case, be careful!! And Good Luck!!

Posted by: Emily from Michigan at March 6, 2004 06:40 PM