January 20, 2004

Speaking of Weddings...

We've had a steady stream of friends and family staying with us in our apartment in Brooklyn since shortly before New Year's. We love them all but are happy that our most recent guest, an old friend of L's who traded sunny days and blue skies in LA for frostbite and icy sidewalks in New York, just left. It's not that we didn't enjoy her visit, it's simply that after a month of people sleeping on our sofabed we're ready to reclaim the apartment for ourselves.

One of the reasons I initially fell in love with L was because we never lacked for topics of discussion. She's a smart woman and we always have interesting conversations. But these days our talks typically turn to our wedding. And there's nothing like having other people around to make you notice how much wedding stuff creeps into your conversations no matter where you are or what you are doing.

We finally saw Lost in Translation on Friday, and in our debriefing following the movie we discussed how interesting it might be to go to Tokyo while on the other side of the world for our potential honeymoon in New Zealand. (an idea itself inspired by multiple viewings of Return of the King) Going out for dessert can include a quick discussion of what flavor wedding cake we want. Even the simple act of opening our mailbox downstairs has changed, as each envelope can be a sample for something we might want to use for our invitations.

Considering she had just ended a long relationship, our guest this weekend was a good sport about the high level of wedding talk and we were sensitive to her circumstances. We're also not really that obnoxious when wedding stuff does come up. But wedding talk is sometimes unavoidable; we are planning an event bigger than anything we've ever planned before in our lives and it involves most of the people we speak to on a regular basis. So thanks to M for putting up with us and playing along this weekend. You're welcome to come stay with us anytime. But we'll understand if you wait until after the you-know-what.

Posted by The Groom at January 20, 2004 05:35 PM

You guys should talk about the wedding until you are blue in the face...you have every reason to be super excited and concerned about getting everything just the way you want it. Just give me a warm coat, some red wine and your comfy hide-a-bed, and I can talk about the wedding for hours! And, may I say, there is nothing like being around two people who love each other and are building a wonderful life together to inspire those of us who have yet to be so lucky.

Posted by: M at January 26, 2004 07:17 PM