December 30, 2003

Happy New Year!

I'll be back with a new post on Monday for your reading pleasure. In the meantime, why don't you catch up on the story so far? Here's a quick synopsis:

Boy meets girl. Boy proposes to girl. Girl says yes. Boy is left dumbfounded. Not because girl said yes but because who the heck has experience with this stuff? There's a lot that boy and girl have to plan.

If that didn't do it for you, feel free to read through the archives which go back to D-Day, the proposal.

How will the story end? Stay tuned in 2004 for all the latest.

Thanks for your support and I'll see you on Monday!

Posted by The Groom at December 30, 2003 07:11 PM

Happy Holidays!

You mentioned airline discount codes. I've heard about these. Can you point me in the right direction?


As always, I love reading your posts!

Posted by: Maureen at January 2, 2004 01:50 PM

Try Continental MeetingWorks at:

We are most likely using Midwest Express:

Both offer discount fares for events such as weddings. There are different discount structures depending on how far ahead you book your fare, but most I've found offer 15% if purchased more than 60 days in advance and 5% if purchased less than 60 days in advance.

Just set it up, get a discount code from the airline and include that info with your save the date.

Your cruise director,


Posted by: The Groom at January 2, 2004 06:23 PM