December 24, 2003

I'm Going to Disneyland!

Elizabeth Miller, you just won the To Use or Not To Use contest! What are you going to do now?

Writes Elizabeth:

I'm so flattered!  My husband and I are actually leaving very early tomorrow morning to go on our honeymoon.  We got married in August but I am in law school and we decided to wait until Christmas break to take our honeymoon.  Since we promised ourselves that we'd have ALL of our thank-you notes done before we left, we're sending out the last ones tomorrow... from the airport!

Now that's a courteous bride! Congratulations, Elizabeth. I'm sending you a thank-you note today.

NOTE: I'll be on a lighter publishing schedule until January 2nd. Be sure to check back, though, as I'll have at least one or two new posts up before then. Happy holidays!

Posted by The Groom at December 24, 2003 11:46 AM