January 04, 2004

A Pile Grows in Brooklyn

In the four months since our engagement, L has assembled a collection of wedding magazines which now occupies a significant portion of real estate on the floor of our living room. I've written before about how ridiculous most of these magazines seem to guys. Well, one arrived in the mail recently to confirm that opinion. In over 250 pages, only two are devoted to grooms. And the subject is tuxes, natch.

Here's a copy of the magazine as it arrived at our apartment:


The magazine is about as thick as the coffee table on which it rests (and weighs only a little less).

Here are the two pages devoted to grooms, stacked neatly together:


This is hardly enough paper for making an origami swan.

Now, here is the same magazine with the pages devoted to grooms torn out:


Any questions?

Posted by The Groom at January 4, 2004 03:59 PM

No questions, I think you explained just perfectly LOL :)

Posted by: Kim at January 5, 2004 09:55 PM