December 19, 2003

I Hear the Secrets that You Keep...

According to my lovely fiancée, I have a tendency to talk in my sleep. Last night L told me that I yelled at her about something to do with the wedding planning. "You won't let me have the party at McDonald's," I mumbled before rolling over and saying no more. This comment was probably influenced by the trip I took back from Boston via bus yesterday which featured a stop at the Golden Arches. We laughed about my comment this morning before L left for work.

Home today, I've had some time to think about it and now believe there was brilliance in my nighttime imagination. Holding the reception at a highway rest stop would be a great idea! First of all, those places are designed to accommodate hundreds of people and, with giant signs serving as roadside beacons, are an easy drive from major metropolitan areas. There are ample parking spaces and bathroom facilities. Instead of giving people their choice of chicken or fish, people might have their choice of Arby's or Big Boy. And who wouldn't want a warm and tasty Cinnabon instead of dry wedding cake?

A man can dream, can't he?

Posted by The Groom at December 19, 2003 10:11 AM

My fiance talks in his sleep too. One night about a month ago he said, "We used to be Power Rangers." I'm surprised I didn't wake him up with the laughter that followed that comment!!!

Posted by: Beth at December 24, 2003 12:42 PM