December 17, 2003

Suggested Reading

Okay, gentlemen, there are only a few more shopping days before Christmas and not even one before Hanukkah. It's time to get some gifts. If you're in the midst of planning your wedding, don't forget to drop the plans for a while and do something nice for your bride to be. For suggestions, order a copy of Supergroom: 101 Ways to Be the Most Romantic Groom -- Ever which features some helpful advice on how to remember why you got engaged in the first place. In an obvious tell about the state of her relationship, Fireplug152 from Hickory, NC calls it "highly recommended!" So do ten other women who bought it for their grooms.

If you'd rather get yourself something - especially if you find yourself back in the thick of things as soon as the wrapping paper is thrown away and the tree has started shredding needles - order yourself a copy of Esquire's Things a Man Should Know About Marriage: A Groom's Guide to the Wedding and Beyond. While a tad more stereotypically male than Supergrooms, the book's writers understand that while a lot of this stuff is new to us, we aren't idiots.


NOTE: Yes, it's a quickie post, but I'm on vacation until the weekend and then won't see daylight until my fifth viewing of "Return of the King." Fresh content will be up on Monday including results of the "To Use or Not to Use" gift poll. Thanks to everyone for your continued support!

Posted by The Groom at December 17, 2003 09:11 AM