December 10, 2003

Buff Brides, Gruff Grooms

After a flash of celebratory events and family visits things have begun to calm down a bit. The respite should be brief, however, as it's that time of year and there are only a few days to go before the first of many holiday parties begins. With this small window of opportunity I am trying to relaunch a fitness routine that was waylayed for no defensible reason this summer.

And boy do I need to get in shape. From the turkey feast on Thanksgiving to the engagement party two days later to holiday parties, I feel as if I've had one long meal that began on November 27th and will only end sometime after New Year's.

I've heard a little about a book called Buff Brides and know there is a TV show based on the book. Not surprisingly, there is no such book for grooms.

Like most wedding concerns, men simply don't feel the same sense of urgency as women. (Before accusing me of sexism, please know that I base such scientific judgements on searches at Google since we all know that Google is god). A fresh shave, a new haircut and a clean tux are all most men are need to be concerned with. Perhaps it's because we know that a few extra pounds can easily be concealed behind the many layers of a tuxedo. Cummerbunds can always do double duty as crumb catchers and pot belly concealers.

But I do feel a slight sense of urgency. In addition to the wedding, I have the goal of running the 2004 New York City marathon. Knowing that the most exercise I'll get the weekend of August 27th will be from stomping on a glass to break it, I have some incentive to be ahead of schedule training wise come the end of the summer. Then again, many people have told me they didn't eat at all during their wedding reception because they were so busy talking to guests.

Now there's a million dollar idea: the wedding reception diet. Each weekend, you host a wedding-sized party and talk to guests instead of eating. If you don't lose weight from walking around the reception the stress of planning it all would be good for a few pounds at least.

Posted by The Groom at December 10, 2003 09:39 AM