December 04, 2003

Money, Money, Money, Money....Muuuhhhney

L's parents flew into Boston over the weekend to attend the engagement party. Most people might be nervous for an entire weekend of the my-parents-and-her-parents-together variety, but I knew things would be fine. Our parents have met before, so there wouldn't be any of that first meeting anxiety. Although my dad sometimes needs to be convinced to wear a clean pair of jeans, I knew he would rise to the occasion and spare me any major embarrassment.

On Sunday, while we recovered from the party and relaxed around the kitchen table munching on leftovers, we had our first big planning meeting. We ran though the weekend, event by event. Friday night dinner, Saturday morning brunch, Saturday night's rehearsal dinner, the big event on Sunday. L's mom took notes, writing down issues that need to be resolved as we go ahead with planning.

Quote of the day: L's mom, pretending to be a controlling mom-planning-a-wedding-from hell (which she is absolutely not), leaning over to L and assuring her that the wedding would be "Your way."

After going through basic logistics, it was time for our parents to have "The Talk." While there have been some messages back and forth about who is paying for what, no details had been confirmed before the weekend.

I don't know what happened during that discussion. I don't know because as soon as the words "pay" and "money" were uttered, my sister, L and I retreated to the livng room. We turned on the TV, flipped to an episode of Rich Girls and turned it up loud enough so we couldn't hear anything. Better to divert ourselves by watching two people who don't have to care about money than to sit with four people who do.

"The Talk" was over before the episode was and we were called back into the kitchen. There were no tear-streaked faces, no cries to call off the wedding. Four parents had discussed money and lived to tell about it. Even the dog was wagging her tail.

It's nice that the family got along, but not surprising. L and I have been doing well with the wedding plans, and I think we've only had one argument so it follows logically that our parents would be similarly reasonable. I think I should buy one of those motivational-style posters, the kind that hang at construction sites or factories: "It's Been XX Days Since Our Last Fight." We'll see how long we can go.

Posted by The Groom at December 4, 2003 11:25 AM

I'm jealous your parents meeting went so well. M and I have been "discussing" his father's monetary involvement for some time. Our big day is planned for next July. Good luck with the rest of planning!

Posted by: E from Michigan at December 4, 2003 12:21 PM

Your site is brilliant!!! You need to check out a hilarious book called (I think) the NearlyWed's Guide to Getting MArried.. or something like that. small white book, I'll check the title tonight.. absolutely hilarious and much like your blog. My groom was very amused by the posts I read to him so far. Particularly brilliant: The comparison between you and a Board of Directors at a corporation, and the "Days since last argument"... I'm sitting in corporate America with a Days since last recordable injury sign out my window.. I need one for my dor.. "Day since I last cried over wedding planning." Hilarious.. I really might do that. And the Beyonce word.. That was great. Keep up the awesome blog. Our wedding is March.. and it's as though the calendar is a time bomb. I can't wait until I can blissfully have my evenings back to I don't know. play cards or something. But not plan. Good luck to you and 'L" I will definitely be reading and rooting for you. Although good luck on keeping up the posts at the two month mark.. I hope you do.. and yet I laugh at the naiive optimism. You have some great reminders about what this is all about and bring a fresh perspective to the women-dominated scene.

"S" a bride with 14 month engagement, a meticulous sometimes irrational mother, analytical groom, and a 250 person wedding to plan.

Posted by: S at December 4, 2003 06:59 PM

I am not controlling!! I was only joking about the "MY WAY" of course it is YOUR WAY!!!!!

Posted by: P, mother of the bride at December 5, 2003 03:45 PM

Well, I finally have a moment to read this awesome blog and see what I have been missing all these months!! Anyway, I have no comment about the "meeting of the parents" except to say I wouldn't have expected anything different!! I will keep reading now!

Posted by: M "Favorite Sister of the Bride" at December 6, 2003 12:03 AM

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Posted by: g at December 23, 2003 09:06 AM