October 31, 2003

The Best-Laid Plans of Man and Wife

We were supposed to go to Milwaukee over Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend to take care of some details. The plan was to meet with the florist, caterer and band. Now it turns out that none of the people we want to meet with are available over the holiday. I guess I'm not the only one less than thrilled about being in Milwaukee in the dead of winter as even the hard working folks in the wedding industry get out of Dodge for the three-day break.

So now we have to pick another time to go out there. This threw L for a loop and, coupled with some other stresses, caused her to break down a bit on the phone with her mom. Props go out to my future mother-in-law for calmly reminding L that even if we have to reschedule by one week or even a month we'll still have about six months to solidify details. Entire schools of salmon could be farmed in that amount of time. Trees not yet planted could grow to provide the paper needed for our invitations.

L, babe, relax. We're doing fine.

Posted by The Groom at October 31, 2003 01:01 AM