October 27, 2003

What a Difference a Weekend Makes

Sometimes weddings are not fun. They can feel more like an obligation than a choice. You are told what to wear. You are told where to sit. Your choices throughout the evening are always limited to two. (Bride or groom? Red or white? Chicken or fish?) You have to be done by midnight. Observational-humor king Jerry Seinfeld sums it up best: "If you were going to plan a good party, would you invite the oldest people you know?"

L and I agree on most things, but like most men and women, we approach other people's weddings from very different perspectives. She believes that all weddings are inherently beautiful. I believe that some weddings are beautiful but that most mean I'll have to miss Something I'd Rather Be Doing.

Don't get me wrong, I've been to some good weddings in the past, including one fun weekend at a destination wedding in Puerto Rico. But I've also been to some where I had the same conversation with fifteen different people, wondered how I got stuck at the "randoms" table, and went home hungry.

Saturday night we went to a wedding, our first since getting engaged in August. I'm a Red Sox fan, so I didn't care that I was missing game six of the World Series. As far as I was concerned, Saturday's wedding was the only game in town. I came home the next day exhausted because I had such a good time.

What made this one different? For starters, I've known the couple for ten years since we were in college together. I've met their families on numerous occasions and think they are all delightful. Most of their good friends are also my good friends. Hell, I even knew the rabbi. That the venue was gorgeous, the food delicious, the band entertaining and the booze free-flowing was just icing on the chocolate wedding cake. (A great idea, Rona, and one which we will definitely steal for our wedding) When you know, love and wish the best for the couple and everyone around them then even the biggest wedding grinch can have a good time. I can't imagine having as good a time at another wedding, except, of course, for my own.

So this weekend L was able to see that, yes, I do on occasion enjoy myself at weddings.

Posted by The Groom at October 27, 2003 03:59 PM

Whoa there, mister gender stereotype -- not ALL women think weddings are inherently fabulous and beautiful. But, I'm going to have to agree with you on this particular wedding!

Posted by: the other L at October 28, 2003 11:30 AM

I am right there with you the other "L" ...I guess that DG hasn't taken the time to read "Women are from Venus, Men are Total Idiots" - his own diatribe on gender stereotyping. What ever happened to the safe preceder... "SOME?!" :)

Posted by: L's left coast buddy at October 28, 2003 08:35 PM

Ladies, I meant no harm and apologize for the sexist brush with which I painted my last post. The offending sentence has been changed to reflect my true intent.

Posted by: D at October 28, 2003 09:22 PM