October 08, 2003

You Are Cordially Invited...

A number of people have emailed me their own stories relating to some of my recent posts. If you have a something you'd like to share with PlanetGordon.com, you can either post it by clicking on the "Comments" link below any entry, or you can send me an email. Every so often, I'll post my favorite. To start things off, here's one from a friend who is getting married this month.


Adam and I fully registered no less than 5 times. And that's because NEITHER of us is decisive enough to get it right the first time. So, the first time, we spent four hours registering at Kitchen, Etc. What's Kitchen, Etc, you ask? Exactly. So we cancelled that registry.

The second time, we went to Williams-Sonoma. We were too obsessed with the gun toy to focus on what we actually needed. So we had things like wire whisks, rubber spatulas and wooden spoons which, as you realize, you can purchase yourself and are not really needed on a registry. So we cancelled that registry.

We got serious the 3rd time and went to Bloomies. And by "we" I mean "me and Mom." (After round #2, Adam called in sick). It was worse with Mom. We couldn't get out of the dish section for two hours. She was there to help me be decisive but I didn't like her decisions so that was no good. And she got frustrated by my indecision so we ended up in a fight. On this trip, I managed to register for towels. And only towels (which, by the way, we got and are returning).

The 4th time I got the hang of it and went back to Williams-Sonoma. This was a team effort with mom, brother, aunt, and uncle (still no Adam). I got serious and registered for all of the essential cookware/bakeware/knives and other fun kitchen items. With the help of many opinions, I got the kitchen done.

Now a registry pro, I went back to Bloomies and a new place, Pottery Barn. And I went by myself. Not exactly a good plan for someone who can't make a decision, but nevertheless, I went. It had to get done. Here's where I went a little nuts. At both Bloomies and PB I learned that whatever doesn't get purchased from the registry, Adam and I can purchase ourselves for a 10% discount later. So I figured I'd register for big, leathery furniture. Meanwhile, people looking at this registry don't understand the logic and are like, what the hell? I can't buy anything. Who in their right mind would buy a $500 leather ottoman for these people?

On the sixth registry attempt, I went to Tiffany's (sans Adam, of course) because my stepmom said people like to buy you special, nice things from Tiffany's (even if you don't need them - or want them, by the way). Somehow I forgot to look at price tags while zapping my way through the store and discovered later (after having left the store and checking the registry online) that I had registered for a $2500 sterling silver calla lily vase (a must in every home) and a pair of $200 salt and pepper shakers (that hold significantly less salt and pepper than the $10 ones at Williams-Sonoma). Needless to say, another failed registry attempt.

And now of course that people are buying us gifts, they are a) complaining that our registry is all over the place with little on it and b) buying stuff from the registry but at other places where they are sold for less. So I have to keep updating the registry so I don't get two ice cream makers or two Cuisinarts.

Why even bother registering? We'll take the cash and buy the crap ourselves at our own pace!

Posted by The Groom at October 8, 2003 10:10 AM